From capture to the finished print we address how technical control informs our thought process and creative voice. How 'craft', technique and skilfulness are essential to the creative process fostering greater potential for expression of ideas.

We will address the entire digital photography workflow including observation, abstract nature of the craft, camera work, color theory, full system calibration, building ICC profiles, importance of quality materials as well as scanning and the film-to-digital process.

The primary processing environment is our state of the art digital lab using Epson 7900 and 3880 and SP5000 printers. We are printing our fine black-and-white printing using Jon Cone’s incomparable PiezographyPro carbon black ink sets on our customized 3880s.

SPECIAL NOTE: An additional one week extension is available for the photography both the May and June course, 20–26 May and June 17 – 23.

“When keen observation, technical ability, practiced knowledge of craft and aesthetic awareness coalesce one is much more likely to make a successful statement and realize the goal of creating a fine photograph.”

-John Pack

Instructor Bio: John Pack

John Pack has directed the Aegean Center since 1984 where he also teaches digital and analog silver photography. A ferociously proud autodidact he began his formal education in the arts in California in the late 60’s at CCAC. The seeds of what he considers true education were planted during his work with Leon Ginsburg and Ignacio Peri at Laney Experimental College in Oakland California in 1970.

After leaving the Bay Area John lived for seven years on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. He later taught photography at the University of New Mexico-Gallup and developed and directed his “Tour of Light” photographic workshops. Also a two time scholarship recipient with Ansel Adams, it was during this time he began further refining his own philosophy and approach for a small group Socratic, mentor based educational program in the arts.

John has exhibited widely and his work is held in museums and private collections world wide.

Dates & Pricing | May 2019

Dates: MAY 5 - 19  (15 Days) | Cost: $3,200

–With additional 1 week extension: MAY 20 – 26 | Total 3 week Cost: $4,000

Dates & Pricing | June 2019

Dates: JUNE 1 - 15  (15 Days)

Cost: $3,400

Price Includes:

Workshop instruction: (5 hours a day, except Sundays)
Occasional evening lectures
Full breakfast every day at a local cafe

Unlimited access to the Center's entire facility
Several shared taverna meals
Transport for scheduled course activities
Boat trip day excursion (meal on neighboring island included)*

*Weather Permitting
Transportation to and from Greece and the program is not included

Student Photograph: “Lone Boat” by Maansi Jeevan

Student Photograph: “Lone Boat” by Maansi Jeevan

Photograph by John Pack

Photograph by John Pack